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ZIB 100 T Hydraulic pressbrake

ZIB 100

Main features

  • (1). Closed loop control composed of electro-hydraulic servo valve imported from Germany and grating ruler from Fagor company Spain, with high feedback precision, accurate and stable operation, and high repeated positioning precision of slider block.
  • (2). The mechanism of back stopper with multiple stopping shafts for complete functions is employed. The function work piece, as guide way, lead screw, bear etc. are imported to ensure the stopping precision of back stopper.
  • (3). The machine body is in overall welded and overall processed structure, with internal stress eliminated by vibration aging technology which has ensured the precision of entire machine.
  • (4). ANSYS finite element analysis software is applied to main parts of the machine body for analysis, which has ensured the reliability of machine tool.
  • (5). Integrated control system imported from Germany is adopted for the whole hydraulic system to simplify the installation of pipelines, and to ensure stable operation as well as simple and nice appearance of the machine tool.
  • (6). Part upper-die is be readied, assemble to the length of needing work piece as to adapt to particular processing work piece
  • (7). CNC system is using DELEM DA53T from Holland.
  • (8). C-shaped plates are fitted on both sides of the machine body, and the high-precision grating ruler is mounted on the C-shaped plates, thus to avoid the influence over bending precision arising from distortion of machine body during bending process.
  • (9). Oil cylinder from special manufacture and industry, seal rings imported from Japan, and pipe connections imported from EMB Germany.

    Main parts


    Parts Name Brand Brand Location
    1 Main motor Siemens Germany
    2 Servo motor and drive Estun Nanjing China
    3 Electrics Schneider France
    4 Oil Cylinder Yuhua Maanshan China
    5 Seal ring FIETZ/NOK Germany /Japan
    6 Hydraulic valve Rexroth BOSCH Germany
    7 Pump Rexroth BOSCH Germany
    8 Controller DA53T DELEM Holland
    9 Toolings   Maanshan China
    10 Pipe connector EMB Germany
    11 Footswitch   China
    12 Ball screw Hiwin Taiwan
    13 Guide rail Hiwin Taiwan
    14 Grating ruler Fagor Spain
    15 Standard axes X,Y1,Y2+V
    16 Stop finger with linear guide YES
    17 Front and back protection YES



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